About Us

I started Custom Golf Products in January 2017 after David Damesworth (DD) talked me into doing a little work for Orange Tree Country Club in Orlando, FL. I was quite happy being a member that was able to golf almost every day and lose my money in the Scratch Game with all the guys.

After asking and asking, I built Orange Tree a couple pieces and now we are off and running. My only goal of this company is to build the very best products that we can at a very fair price. I will not jeapordize the quality for anything. I will also strive to always be available when you need my attention for your course.

We might not always be the lowest price or the highest, but I can personally guarantee you that we will give you a high-quality product because I care what goes out of my doors.

We will also take the time to help you build a custom fabricated product if it’s something your course could use to make your offerings better.

I look forward to the opportunity to build your golf course products. Thank you again for taking the time to look over our offerings.


Growing up my heros were Jack and Arnie, of course! When I moved to Orlando from Milan, Illinois in 1994, I wanted to meet Mr. Palmer but never got the chance. I’ve always been motivated by the community work he has done and how much of himself he gave away.

I decided when I started this company we were going to give back and how better than to donate to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.

Starting April 1, 2017, we pledged $1 for each and every sign we sell.