Thank you for taking the time to look over our website. 


I started  Custom Golf Products in January 2017 after David Damesworth (DD) talked me into doing a little work for Orange Tree Country Club in Orlando, FL.  I was quite happy being a member that was able to golf almost every day and lose my money in the Scratch Game with all the guys.  


After asking and asking, I built Orange Tree a couple pieces and now we are off and running.  My only goal of this company is to build the very best products that we can at a very fair price.  I will not jeapordize the quality for anything.  I will also strive to always be available when you need my attention for your course.  


We might not always be the lowest price or the highest, but I can personally guarantee you that we will give you a high-quality product because I care what goes out of my doors.  


We will also take the time to help you build a custom fabricated product if it’s something your course could use to make your offerings better.  


I look forward to the opportunity to build your golf course products.  Thank you again for taking the time to look over our offerings.  


Brad Wriedt, CEO

Custom Golf Products, LLC